IMEC HYGIENE is a Malaysia-based Company started in 1992, specialised in supplying a comprehensive range of Effective and High quality of IMEC Cleaning Products including, Detergents, Degreaser, Stone Care System, Air Freshners, Laundry Care, Car Wash, Hand & Body Care, Industrial Wet & Dry Vacuum Machine, Floor Scrubbers, Ultra High Speed Polisher, Walk-behind Auto Scrubber, Ride-on Auto Scrubber, Sweeper, Wind Blower, Upholstery, Steam Machines, Escalator Cleaning Machine, Washroom Hygiene, Air Freshener, Tissue Paper Refils & Dispensers, Soap & Sanitiser Dispensers, Urinal Accessories, Housekeeping Tools and Equipments, Round, Kentucky & Flat Mops, Single & Double Mop Buckets, Trolley& Janitor Carts, Floor Signs, Safety Cones, Q-up Stands, Floor Matting, Floor Pads, Disposal/waste Bins,Recycle Bins & Microfiber System.